A New Good Year

A new year has begun, and already we are inundated with messages about making resolutions to ‘fix’ our failings. I believe we serve our greatest potential better when we come from the positive instead of the negative.

This year I am overcoming my temptation to go into new resolutions without looking back to acknowledge myself for what I have accomplished. I have been taking the time to reflect on what I considered failures and see the lessons I’ve learned from setbacks I had in 2009, and I invite you to do the same.

So what have I gained from the year just past?

I’ve learned to take a moment to breathe when painful situations presented themselves. Using the Ocean Breath in my everyday life has been quite transforming. I’ve learned to reach deeper into self-empathy instead of beating myself up for not being “more perfect”, to take a moment and lick my wounds when I needed to instead of instantly diving into work. Taking that time has helped me to forgive faster, learn my lessons, and move on. I also learned to really appreciate the work I do, and actually take in the positive feedback I am getting from my clients. And most importantly, I’ve learned to ask for help when I need it and appreciate it deeply. I’ve also learned how much I enjoy sharing laughter with friends and family.

I invite you to look equally at your successes and the lessons you received from what the ego calls “failures”. It feels good to take this time; it actually opens your mind and your heart for the new to come in.

And what do I desire from the year just begun?

For 2010, I want to grow more in self-knowledge and love. I will follow my intuition and allow my creativity to come through more freely, slowing down self-criticism that I often allowed to stop me in the past. I decide to balance my work with play and enjoy the beauty of nature that touches my heart and makes me smile. I want to grow in understanding and loving others and listen more deeply to what they don’t say … I want to support people in expressing all of who they are, physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually and spiritually.

I pray that 2010 bring all of you abundant health, joy, peace and pleasure.


Carla Tara

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