Does Size Matter?

It’s an age-old question, isn’t it? Marketers use it to sell magazines to women, and pills and pumps to men. It’s endlessly debated on talk shows, and people flood call-ins with their opinion. Do not fall for the scams and the noise!

I think penis size matters only when your self-esteem is low, when you actually don’t know how to turn your partner on with your personality, and your approach to lovemaking is rigid and fearful, instead of playful and seductive.

When you are concerned with whether she will like your penis, your attention is actually on yourself, and not with her and how she feels. How sexy do you think she finds it when you are pre-occupied and your attention is wandering? Our main sex organ is our brain – and yours isn’t even in the same bed with your partner!

Women are very intuitive, and they perceive your emotions – in this case, your fear that your sex organ is inadequate. As you know, fear is never a turn on. So, being afraid she won’t like your penis, and letting that fear take over your thoughts, you set yourself up to be rejected.

When you know how to pay attention to a women and use your penis well, you will turn her on so much that she can’t wait to feel you inside of her. By this time, her vaginal muscles will be squeezing your penis so strongly, that you will feel your size is more than enough.

I see many women professionally – and many say that men with large penises are lousy lovers. Many of these women prefer a man who knows how to make them feel good with attention, romance, and great foreplay. Perhaps men who are well-endowed think their big penis is enough to make a woman happy and they don’t put much effort in the foreplay, or to engaging her heart. They are making a huge mistake, and their penis size won’t save them.

So yes, sometimes size matters – just maybe not the way you thought!

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