Financial Abundance and Sexual Expression

Financial abundance and sexual expression seem to go hand in hand for many.
How do you feel when you have an abundance of money and time? Do you feel sexually more vibrant, more romantically inclined, are you in a better mood to attract more of what you want?

This is important to remember especially during these financially challenging times that we are currently experiencing. People hold on to their money because they are afraid things will get worse, and things do get worse because everyone is holding on to their money. It is a vicious circle.  Are you asking yourself how you can break this circle?      

Tantra sees that in order for us to receive nourishment from the Earth,we need to open up our root center at the base of our spine: the root chakra. When this chakra is relaxed/open you feel safe. When you are in fear, it contracts and creates a block that disconnects you from the energy that the earth is always ready to share with you. To open yourself back up to the grounding energy, all you need to do is tune in and feel this ever present subtle energy in other energy centers, such as the heart center and feel it expand.

Here’s an easy step: Think of someone you love and open your heart. Notice the emotional space that puts you in. Notice what happens physically, with how you hold your body, tenseness/looseness in your muscles, your breath.

Have you ever tried to breathe more deeply when you are afraid? Do you notice that when you are afraid, you breathe very shallowly and tend to hold your breath more? Have you noticed that when you do that, your fear increases instead of diminishing?

The ever present energy of love can always help you get into the space of experimenting with other energy fields. Consciously breathing more deeply helps you tune into the place where you trust the Earth to support you and provide you with life serving energy. When you stay conscious of this energy, it is powerfully at your disposal for anything you deeply desire. When you are afraid of not being able to survive, the energy does not move and thus creates stagnation.

The kind of breath that will help you break through the fear is easy per se, but usually difficult to implement because of habits of shallow, high breathing which fills up the top of the lungs only. Furthermore, the shallow exhale does not get rid of all the poisons which are kept in the stale air.

When you experiment with breathing to connect with the nourishing energy that is abundantly available you become optimistic and audacious. The flow of creativity changes your experience from victim of what is happening to powerful co-creator. Have you observed that when you are full and happy you have the greatest ideas?

As a Tantra facilitator, I discover that lately people need support with problems with lack of desire, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Some men who fear loss of erection make themselves ejaculate quickly, before they lose it.

Women complain more often than usual that their husbands do not feel like making love as often as before; or if their men do approach them sexually they do it to release their tensions and end the lovemaking fast without waiting for their woman to fully open and become excited, ready to explode in joy with them.

The good news is that both economic recession and sexual recession are created by the mind that projects problems. This is actually good news because we are faced with the fact that if we create the problem we can also solve it with a different approach.

Tantra teaches a meditative approach to sex and to life that helps you keep steady during stormy times, strengthening faith in your human ability to create a different reality that helps you feel free and fulfilled. There are Tantric breathing techniques and other practices that you can do to relax fully into a peaceful place no matter the circumstances. Have you ever wished you could do it?

If you stay relaxed you can see opportunities no matter what the economic situation is. There are people who became rich during recessions. Those were the people who could see outside the box because they opened up to the infinite possibility of creation that are always available. Tantra teaches methods of relaxing and open up to the immense possibility of pleasure and connection that are always available to us no matter how much money we have. However, you don’t need to study tantra to become conscious of this nourishing inner energy field.

You might have noticed that when fear grips you you hinder the flow of breath to almost non-existent. When you consciously breathe with the intention of opening up the painful block you can actually feel the block opening and energy streaming in. It would serve you to become conscious of your inner energy field and practice tuning in when you are feeling good. You will notice that when you feel good you are in the flow, in the moment, in the NOW.
What scares us is our projection to a bleaker future. Do this tuning in often during the day so you build the experience of re-connected with this energy. Our thinking mind often takes us away from it. Practice can help us shift when we need it.

After having become adept at changing your focus to the now, you have a better chance to do it even when you feel blocked. You can begin to tap into this field at will and become your own healer and a great lover. I’m sure you can see the importance of learning this simple yet power technique. Feeling sexually abundant and financially abundant is key to our fulfillment.

All content produced and owned by Carla Tara © 2010.


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  1. Konstantin Miller on Mon, 6th Jul 2009 10:31 am 

    You know so many interesting information. You might be very wise. I like such people. Don’t stop writing.

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