How Can These Uncertain Times Help Us Connect with the Divine?

Today I received a phone call from a friend who is feeling sad and discouraged about life. I checked in with myself and I realized that it is more challenging to stay focused on the positive even for me .

In these difficult times of financial upheaval and uncertainty about the political future of America… it takes awareness and courage to stay centered in the heart. Awareness that we can connect with the Divine in us instead of being bound by the maze that keeps threading the mill, stuck in the survival sphere.

When the temptation to be discouraged hits me I call a friend who needs support and help her/him shift even for a brief moment to be see that support is available. That simple act of helping my friend actually helped me make a shift in consciousness to see the positive.

No matter how unsettled our life is, it is very precious. Make time to hug and to tell someone you care. Equally important, especially for the givers among us, is to make sure that you cherish the hug and the support that is available to you.

I’m sure there are other ways to shift consciousness. This approach worked well for me today.

I enjoy learning about my friends paradigm shifting moments.

Would you share with us a recent opportunity where you choose to shift your consciousness and intention?

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One Comment on "How Can These Uncertain Times Help Us Connect with the Divine?"

  1. Mark on Thu, 17th Dec 2009 7:58 am 

    Amazing as always 🙂

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