Intensive Workshop in Sexual Healing

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January 6-10, 2011
Manhattan, NYC

COURSE SCHEDULE:  Thurs – 6-9 p, Fri-Sun 9 am-6 pm

Many people today are incorporating more spirituality into their everyday lives. Some have found a calling as a healer, or just always seem to be the one other people come to when they need information or advice. These people tend to be informed on what’s going on in the world and have a fount of new and ancient theories on hand to help those around them. Is this you? Or who you’d like to be?

Spirituality can be used in a myriad of ways to assist in healing other and in gaining our own enlightenment. In addition to more traditional healing modalities, there is also a whole world of sexual/spiritual healing that is rarely discussed because of social stigmas and fears about sex.

But open-minded people realize that sex is as much a part of life as eating, breathing and growing. In this era where sex is over-exposed and under-valued, many individuals feel victimized, alone and permanently damaged. There’s never been a greater need for properly trained, empathetic sexual healers – tantric healers who help others remove their emotional, spiritual and mental blocks to freedom and their ability to reclaim their body as their own.

Obviously, beyond the ability you gain to help others in the world around you, when you follow the path to becoming a tantric healer you experience benefits in your personal life as well. You learn to heal your own wounds and continue your own journey to enlightenment. You gain the expertise to improve your own connection to your lover and your love life. And the work you do to help others moves you closer to your own transformation.

If you feel you have the interest to become a certified tantric healer, send an email to or click here for more information.

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