Living in the Moment

Talking is often based on past experienced or speculations on the future. Only feelings are in the moment.

Depression is not a feeling. Depression is often caused by remembering painful feelings that you might not have been able or willing to feel fully, and by looking into the future with no hope for positive change.

Tantric Lovemaking provides the opposite of depression. Tantric Lovemaking is both exciting and relaxing. You are excited about the unknown quality of pleasure and ecstasy that you will experience, and relaxed knowing that whatever happens is what you both contribute to the connection in the moment. So you engage both consciousness and breath to connect with each other and the erotic life force.

Plans are fun, however the addiction to plans contributes to undue stress. If you are not addicted to plans working out the way you want them to, then you have a chance to expand your horizon. You never know – a breakdown of plans might end up in a better outcome than the one you expected. If you let things unfold as they do instead of using a forceful current, they usually are better than you expect and you will be relaxed when they come to you.

Staying in the moment wakeful and present is real living.

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