New Class for Women-only This Spring

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Carla is introducing a new class for women this spring called Own Your Power in the Bedroom.

Don’t be afraid to own the powerful female energy of your inner goddess!
This workshop will take women in the deep psyche of the men in their life.

You will learn:

* How you can “train” him to see you as special and desirable no matter how many years you’ve been together;
* How he will be happy to give you the connection and nurturing you want as a basis for your highest orgasm you ever had;
* Letting go of suppressed anger, fear or guilt that would impede the desired outcome of deep pleasurable, loving merging.
* If you are not with a man now, you will learn how to treat yourself how you would like your future man to treat you.

Classes will be intimate and small in size to make sure you get the most personal attention.

Read more about this 4-hour class »

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