Positive Body Image – for Love and Great Sex

It is unfortunate that so many women listen to the media advertisements about what looks good; implying that if you spend money on changing something about your body, only then you will be successful and loved.

It is a trap many women fall into if they have not developed a sense of inner value, or depth. A strong sense of self-esteem is the key to a positive body image. When you have strong self-esteem, your personal body image is good even if it does not fit society’s requirements. When you like yourself the way you are, you are able to enjoy giving and receiving attention and pleasure.

When you love yourself in a healthy way, your reactions about your body are healthy and positive. If your belly feels too heavy, you might still decide to lighten it up. When you do, the process of reaching your healthiest weight will not feel like punishment though because your decision will have come from inside, from wanting to feel lighter, not to please others or look better in clothes. The result of reducing your weight will be that you look better in clothes, but the motivation came from wanting to support your health and your ease. It is an act of self love.

Yes, we all have the potential of loving ourselves and others, but some of us have to do some inner work before we are capable of giving, receiving and sharing pleasure. Just because we have the potential to run a marathon, does not mean we can actually run it without consistent and persistent training.

Furthermore, if we have a broken leg, we first have to heal that leg. Similarly, if we come from a dysfunctional family, and did not receive the love and support we needed when we were completely dependent, we may lack the ability to feel safe and to trust ourselves. It is similar to having a broken leg. In this case it is a broken heart.

We need to heal the heart before we can give and receive love. When we do, we are no longer susceptible to being influenced by others who tell us how we should look to be accepted.

That is when counseling comes in. It helps people recover their self-esteem through energy healing and opening up the body’s energy system so pleasure can run through the body. Many women are not aware they have blocks because they think: “the past is the past.” But if in your life you have difficulties giving or receiving love and extended pleasure, you might have some energetic blockages to work through.

Now is a perfect time to look at yourself in the mirror – your body and your reactions to it. Chase out those negative criticisms you discover. Recommit yourself to your own growth. Schedule time to reconnect intimately with yourself and your lover. Seek out a relationship expert to take you to the next level in your transformation.

This is your year!

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