Breathing Exercise for Relaxation

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I’m honored to offer to you something really extraordinary that will relax you in a couple of minutes when you need it and enrich your life with more passion and deeper connection when that’s your intention. It takes you out of negative circular thinking like magic. The critical part of the brain is circumvented bringing you to your essence, where power and love reign.

It’s my book about my revolutionary breathing technique, The Ocean Breath. I talked about the Ocean Breath in my last video post, and now you can get step-by-step instructions on how to use this amazing technique in your own life.

The value of this book is clearly seen by awakened people like Joe Vitale, author of Zero Limits and many other enlightening books, Joe Sugarman, famous conscious copy writer, David Riklan, founder of and Mark Victor Hansen, a giant in the human potential movement.

But what’s more important, it works, whether you use it to stir up more energy, direct it to your lover or empowering someone. The Ocean Breath brings the soul-gazing ritual to a higher dimension of connection and the touching becomes a deeply conscious communion with your lover.

It definitely works to ground you into your heart before you make a difficult communication, or have to solve a difficult problem in your life.

It’s uplifting, heart-centered and very powerful!

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Video: The Ocean Breath

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I teach The Ocean Breath in my workshops, and to my one-on-one clients.

Now, you can get instant access to this amazing breathing technique – find out more about the Secrets of the Ocean Breath.