Weathering the Storm in Your Relationship

Today was another rainy spring day in Maui. Usually, I feel sad when it storms, but today it occured to me what a gift that it really is. There is the clear fact that we need the rain for the earth and the plants to grow vigorously, and to clean the streets… Rain makes me feel fresh and washed clean of any bad emotions that have built up, too. Read more

Real Listening Feeds Eros

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Couple sitting in conversation

When I work with couples who are resistant to healing their relationship and who no longer feel the kind of  sensuality they felt when they met, it is often due to their lack of listening. It’s very common in long-term relationships.

Tantra says that newness is the preferred food for Eros.  Eros dies when habits come in. But when you have been with someone a long time, it’s very easy for both of you to fall into a rut. Read more

A New Good Year

A new year has begun, and already we are inundated with messages about making resolutions to ‘fix’ our failings. I believe we serve our greatest potential better when we come from the positive instead of the negative. Read more

The Gift of Self-Respect

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It’s Christmas time—a time when most people are opening their pocket books and their hearts to give presents to the people they love. It’s heartwarming. Even I, who believe that a present should be given any time you feel so inclined and not at a specific date, feel the spirit of giving more than usual. Today, I noticed myself humming tunes of love songs and then even inventing words to them that include the people I love.

However, for many people festivities like Christmas bring up lots of emotions, and for lovers who are on the verge of break-up, festivities usually are very stressful and breakups can be precipitated by expectations that the lover does not fulfill.

“Why buy an expensive gift for a girlfriend I don’t respect?” a young man asked me the other day in a counseling session. As he described her, she sounded like someone no one would like to spend his life with her. Read more

How Can These Uncertain Times Help Us Connect with the Divine?

Today I received a phone call from a friend who is feeling sad and discouraged about life. I checked in with myself and I realized that it is more challenging to stay focused on the positive even for me .

In these difficult times of financial upheaval and uncertainty about the political future of America… it takes awareness and courage to stay centered in the heart. Read more