Feeling the Touch of Nature

This morning, I woke up early. I went out where my porch faces east, and I watched the sun rise up out of the ocean. It was an amazing, sensual experience.

The colors flooded across the sky in spirals. Their bright reflection in the quiet river amazed my heart. It was just as sensual an experience as the sensation when my lover came up behind and slipped his arms around me in a hug. I was in bliss! On my front I had the warmth of the sun, and on my back the loving touch of his chest, and the strength of his encircling arms. The moment was so wonderful, that we we kissed, other greeting the glorious day in front of us.

Birds were hopping from treetop to treetop pecking at nuts and seeds. Seagulls and pelicans were gliding over the beach with complete freedom, squawking joyfully. The wind blew the palm fronds one way, then another, creating a moving carpet of green all along the shore. I felt so connected to nature, and really centered and fulfilled in my heart.

Because I took those 10-15 minutes to connect with nature before jumping into work, my whole day was more productive and much less stressful.

What happens to you when you take time to connect with nature? Have you taken a moment lately to see the beauty around you? Are there ways you can work in just a few minutes a day to slow down and ‘smell the flowers’ – maybe even the real ones?


Real Listening Feeds Eros

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Couple sitting in conversation

When I work with couples who are resistant to healing their relationship and who no longer feel the kind of  sensuality they felt when they met, it is often due to their lack of listening. It’s very common in long-term relationships.

Tantra says that newness is the preferred food for Eros.  Eros dies when habits come in. But when you have been with someone a long time, it’s very easy for both of you to fall into a rut. Read more

Deeper Love – Allow Yourself to Be Imperfect

How do you keep your relationship afloat and moving toward the destination of deep love and union? By staying conscious as you are gliding through the high waters of life.

Are you conscious of when you start holding back emotional truths and thus clouding the clarity of consciousness? Clouding the clarity is only the beginning of the damage you do to your relationship. Read more

The Art of Ecstatic Love and Deep Connection

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Tantra is the art and science of living consciously and joyously. It teaches to fully accept and expand sexual pleasure as a gift, and to celebrate it to go deeper into love.

Most people’s perception of Tantra is limited to controlling sex so you can have it for hours and hours in strange positions. Tantra is much more than that. It includes 64 arts that support you to be the most sensitive and accomplished lover of life and of another person. It includes the art of understanding the energy flow, of communicating deeply from your feelings, the art of romance, of setting up a room that will encourage you to create a mood that takes you higher into your fullest potential of vitality and passion, and more… Read more

How Parents Can Have a Great Sex Life

Kids bring lots of joy to a couple, but they also bring enormous work and lots of responsibilities. Parents have to structure their time around their children’s needs – feeding them, keeping them clean, teaching social skills, making sure they play with friends – just to mention a few of your endless parental duties.

You both love your kids, but somehow, with your focus on taking care of them, romance takes a back seat. Before the children, you had more time for each other. You could go out to dinner, see mutual friends, go to interesting movies and discuss them; you were motivated to be sensuous and creative, and could schedule time to make love more often. With your priority shifting to the children, this takes a toll on your intimacy together. As a couple, you can feel disconnected.

The ancient science of Conscious Love, Tantra, gives wonderful advice to parents. It is simple advice, but it requires your commitment to maintaining high passion in your relationship while you are being good parents.    Read more