Carla’s Book: Tantric Tango Dancer

In her book, Lessons from a Tantric Tango Dancer: A Journey into Intimacy, Relationships and Love, Carla Tara inspires readers with the courage and persistence she summoned in her life as she struggled against the limiting beliefs she had absorbed as a child. Successfully changing those beliefs catapulted her to the foreground of the spiritual growth movement.

Carla guides you through powerful exercises to help you change those beliefs that limit your highest potential for intimacy. You will learn to cultivate sensuous spiritual energy, and use it to empower your new expanded vision.

Discover insights and useful ways to:

· Achieve greater harmony in your relationships

· Heal wounds that may have contributed to closing your heart

· Open up to love responsibly, yet with spontaneity and innocence

· Uncover and trust your intuition

· Make choices from your inner core

· Communicate your truths, softened by your heart

· Bring more orgasmic energy into your dance of life.

What others are saying about this book:

“Namaste Carla! I just finished Lessons from a Tantric Tango Dancer and know you must be so proud of your accomplishments. This book will bring much joy and understanding to so many people. It was such a brave book in many ways and the courage and understanding you show is remarkably insightful regarding today’s issues. What I really love about the work is the incorporating of the Faces of Eve devoid of enslaved attachment to Jungian theory and your unique explanation of the “natural” expressions of our abilities and senses.

And you have my heart racing to start tango lessons.  When my wife and I were in Buenos Aires in May, we watch with awe at the way the locals arrived at partnering and dancing. They were really “attached” and in the moment. Fully. Observing them made us want to try, but now we understand why we couldn’t do it. We needed to understand the open heart and soul connection. Before, it was our impression that dancing was in a way, ego driven and not about the “other”. Wow, thanks for explaining this dance from your point of view. Melongas are definitely on the horizon for us!

In finishing, I just can’t say enough about how right I feel about what you say and the useful lessons I will be putting into practice. It’s like a found a soul mate out there, Carla. We wish you continues success and always, a lovely, wonderful, happy and healthy life. Regards, Philip”

“Just finished reading your book. I enjoyed it very much…..especially the stories of your childhood journey. You are amazing…..thank you”   ~Baba Dez: Founder, The Sedona Temple

“This is an amazingly honest and sincere introduction to Tantra as a spiritual and as an art form. The connection to tango makes a very nice analogy. And Carla’s honest personal accounts and experiences give the book a very human and personal touch. Well worth reading and will introduce you to an intersting dimension of human sexuality.”  ~Vincent S. Dagati

“In her book “Lessons from a Tantric Tango Dancer: A Journey to Intimacy, Relationships and Love,” Carla really explains how to lead a tantric life without using Hindu names of Gods and Goddesses, just the essence of the teachings.

She skillfully invites the reader to connect with their deepest core, recognizing their essence as courage and love. It is from this core self that we can change our limiting beliefs and get to play in life on a larger scale with joy in our heart.

I cried when Carla choose to understand her mother more than being understood by her. That moment of forgiveness was touching and precious.

It is a book written with clarity and passion, strewn with pearls of wisdom. I rejoiced in the evolution of Carla’s life and identified with her throughout the book, and especially in the part where she recognizes the beauty and power of reaching a balanced life that nourishes the soul.

I applaud her for the courage and trust she so openly displays as she candidly tells her story of personal growth. Carla’s understanding and acceptance of the struggles in her past, gives me a model of how to transform life’s challenges into the stuff that helps me to be stronger and wiser!”  ~Mare Simone: Tantra Yoga Teacher

“Ten years ago I had the good fortune to meet Carla on the tango floor. I had read of tantra, but had never met a teacher. We have talked about the relationship of tango and tantra, but, mostly, we have continued to dance together. She has generously helped me bring tantra into my tango by her presence with me on the dance floor, and by encouraging me to feel the subtleties of breath and heart connection to find deeper connection with the woman. Over time, she has taken my tango to a new level! Carla’s book gives words to the wise and generous spirit I have come to know on the tango floor. ”  ~Jim Depeyster: Tango dancer

“Carla Tara is one of the most inspired and insightful writers on the subject of Tantra I have ever experienced. Her latest book, Lessons FromTantric Tango Dancer, not only describes technique and methodology of Tantra that is effective as well as appropriate, but also the attitudes and paradigms that must be in place for an experience of Tantra to be from the heart and not just of the body. Carla’s experience with the topic is extensive and her knowledge has been gained through years of research and as an international teacher on the subject. Her love of the Tango is as passionate as is her love of Tantra. I strongly recommend this book.”  ~Franklin Levinson

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