Sexual Expression Workshop for Women

* Tired of doing all the work in a relationship?
* Are you in a stagnant relationship?
* Disappointed that the man you love does not respond to your fervor?
* Has sex become more of a duty then a pleasure?
* Do you feel the pressure to achieve an orgasm?

Learn the secrets to expressing yourself clearly and confidently to make sure he hears you and lets him value you more.

When you know these secrets he will:

– never take you for granted
– see and respect your needs
– see you as his most valuable gift in his life
– make love to you in a way that makes you feel nurtured, special and hot

Learn easy, proven techniques to raise your own energy and fall in love with yourself. Your man will see the Goddess in you and he will be eager to make love to you exactly the way you have always desired.

This 3-hour workshop is designed to benefit women of all kinds, in long-term relationships or looking to attract the right new relationship. Work with me and other like-minded women in a comfortable, intimate, women-only space.

FEE: $45 advance registration, $65 at the door

See Carla’s Events schedule for upcoming dates for this class.

Email or call 917-513-2500 to register.